How Much is Tree Removal?

From towering oaks to overgrown shrubs, every homeowner eventually faces the daunting question: How much is tree removal going to cost?

With estimates ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, the answer depends on a variety of factors. But one thing is certain: the decision to remove a tree can have a lasting impact on your property and your wallet. So before you make a move, break down the cost and considerations of this arboreal endeavor.

What Determines the Cost of Tree Removal?

Trees are wonderful assets to properties because they provide shade, beauty, and erosion control. However, a tree should be cut down when it is no longer useful. When removing a tree, keep the following things in mind. The following are crucial cost considerations to go over when removing trees:


A tree’s size affects several main tree removal cost factors: how long it takes to cut down, the accessibility to higher branches, and possible interference from other trees, power lines, or structures.  The price tends to leap once the tree grows over 80 feet high. At this stage, your team will need to bring in a crane to access its branches—and this comes at a cost of about estimated at $500 between the truck rental and additional staff. 

Additionally, bear in mind that as trees age, they become wider, which makes cutting the diameter of their trunk more challenging and time-consuming. A possible multi-day project to safely remove the tree from the area without affecting other utilities could result from the fact that many species’ branches and root systems spread out quite far in either direction.

Type of Tree 

Because each species of tree is so distinctive, it is difficult to remove a tree safely. For instance, some trees have extremely heavy and dense wood, while others have features that make them difficult to cut down, like extensive root systems, particularly long branches, or laws that prevent cutting down trees without a permit.

The price to remove a tree will be discussed below for the main species, but it’s important to remember that the type of tree can increase costs by as much as $2,500. Some species, like palm, eucalyptus, and sycamore, may call for additional steps, like the use of herbicide or the removal of individual palm fronds.

Condition of the Tree 

A sick tree poses a risk to people entering your front yard, other nearby trees, your property, and other people. A tree like that might be less expensive to cut down because it’s simpler, but if it’s in a risky location or poses a risk of causing damage if it falls, it might be more expensive. 

On the other hand, it is less expensive to cut and haul away a fallen tree than a live one, provided it hasn’t caused an emergency. You will only have to pay less because a tree trunk that is simply lying on the ground is much safer for a tree removal team to deal with.

Additional Types of Tree Removal 

Here are other services you need to consider aside from tree removal services:

Stump Grinding Removal 

Using a specialized wood chipper, the stump of a tree is removed through the process of “stump grinding.” The stump is ground into mulch until it is just a few inches above the soil. The rest is allowed to naturally deteriorate.

Tree Transplanting

The process of transplanting a plant involves moving it from one place to another. Trees that have been dug up and replanted in new locations are also referred to as transplanting. A significant amount of roots must typically be removed when transplanting trees because of the size and morphology of their root systems.

Debris Removal 

In most cases, tree removal companies are only required by their contracts to remove the tree. Even though it’s uncommon, some companies do not include tree stump removal in their agreements. There is frequently debris left over that you might not anticipate, such as errant branches, twigs, and leaves, even after the stump and the root system have been removed. 

Is it Ever Safe to Cut a Tree Down by Myself? 

It’s probably okay if you remove the tree yourself if it’s small enough that you can do it without using a ladder. Contact an arborist for advice if you are unsure whether it is safe for you to remove the tree on your own. And here’s where Service Queen Trees comes in. For safety and efficient tree removal service, leave it to the experts. Call us today to request a free estimate or schedule a consultation.

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