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Residential and commercial debris removal services are essential for maintaining a beautiful and safe landscape. However, it is challenging and hazardous tasks that require expertise, particularly when dealing with large trees. To ensure the safety of your property and loved ones, especially for tree installations services, trust the best tree installing company in Palm Beach & Broward County. Here at Service Queen Trees, our team of experts has the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to handle any project safely and efficiently.

Planting native trees is beneficial for the environment, wildlife and people. They are better adapted to local climates, meaning they have a higher chance of thriving and often require fewer treatments for pests than non-native species. In addition, native trees can help support your local ecosystem.

Planting a tree close to your house can be tricky, but following a few simple steps can help you avoid future problems. A good rule of thumb is to start 8-10 feet away from your home for small trees and scale up for larger species, taking into account the tree’s mature height and spread. It is also important to take note of what type of tree you are planting. Here is a list of recommended (or not) trees in different zones. Lastly, make sure not to put your tree too deep in the ground.

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