Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

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The Bonnet House (also known as the Bartlett Estate) is a historic residence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. It can be found at 900 Birch Road. It was admitted to the United States on July 5, 1984. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and is named after the Bonnet Lily. Give your Fort Lauderdale business a professional look with Service Queen Tree and Landscape Design‘s commercial landscaping services.

History of Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Hugh Taylor Birch, a successful Chicago lawyer, purchased the property in 1895 and gave it to his daughter Helen and her husband, artist Frederic Clay Bartlett, as a wedding gift in 1919. Bartlett built a plantation-style home on the property and spent the winter there with his wife and their child from a previous marriage, Frederic Jr, until Helen died in 1925. Bartlett donated his extensive art collection to the Art Institute of Chicago as a memorial to his late wife. Bartlett was a self-taught architect, and the main house is based on his interpretation of Caribbean plantation-style architecture.


Bartlett then married Evelyn Fortune Lilly, Eli Lilly’s ex-wife, and they used the home as a winter residence until his death in 1953 and hers in 1997. She deeded the property to the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation in 1983, which maintains the property as a historic house museum called the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. The estate was valued at $35 million, the largest single private donation in state history. For more information about the East Las Olas Boulevard, read here. 

Business Information

Address: 900 N Birch Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, United States



Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Friday: 11 AM–3 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 11 AM–4 PM


Phone: +1 954-563-5393

Area: 14 ha

Added to NRHP: July 5, 1984

NRHP Reference Number: 84000832

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